Totally Addicted to TV!

Streaming subscription numbers continue to grow as fast as our appetite for new TV shows and, with the end of the Game of Thrones saga this year, the studios will be hard at work creating the next big television event.

And while the live viewing occasions are still demanding massive numbers (think MAFS finale and the big sporting events like State of Origin), recent research conducted by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has revealed that the introduction of the likes of Netflix and Stan have indeed changed our viewing television viewing habits. We now prefer to seek a TV series that has multiple season’s available, delivering us hours of entertainment to binge in one sitting. Refusing to wait a week for the next thrilling twist or ridiculously funny joke, we are accustomed to watching multiple episodes, giving us a secure sense of control over how much we want to watch and when.

To satisfy this want for plenty of entertainment at our fingertips, Fox is today launching its first TV ADDICTS sale, exclusive to iTunes. With a selection of over 100 shows – new and old – we can trial the pilot episodes with minimal commitment, for only .99c. Like it? Then download the full season for only $9.99 or grab some complete boxset collections for ridiculously cheap prices. To make the choice even easier the top-selling series’ have been grouped into genres, so you can find shows similar to other favourites. Think popular action shows like 24, Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy or the new Mayans M.C.; or if a side-splitting comedy is more your jam, there’s Modern Family, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Life In Pieces. With something for everyone, the opportunity is there to build our own TV libraries with the best new shows to binge and some oldies to re-watch again and again and anywhere on any device.

If you like this, let me know what else you need and I’ll build out – or send you info on what you need.

Here is the link to the room on iTunes for the sale, which launches tomorrow and ends on the 26th April.