Netflix: Gilmore Girls ‘A Year In a Life’ – Binge With Mum!

Mum’s the word when it comes to binging

 Half of Australian mothers and daughters say sharing TV shows helps build a stronger relationship

With the return of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix is giving mothers and daughters another way to bond. A recent survey revealed more than half of women who share an interest in shows TV shows helps mother / daughter relationships with 1 in 4 Australian mothers and daughters stating their relationship is enhanced with the mutual love of television. This November, fans all over the world can reconnect through the mother of all TV shows…because even reading this release will make you realize how much you want to call your mum.


More than half of mother-daughter duos surveyed (59%) report post-show discussions are the best part of sharing a show together. 43% watch TV together at least some of the time already proving that the bonding binge is happening with Australian Mums and Daughters.

Interestingly 1 in 5 Australian woman will use TV over the Christmas period to diffuse tense family situations. Christmas can be a stressful time in any Australian home with this research proving that many Australian women are turning to TV programs to ensure no family fights happen over the silly season.


Turns out, bonding over TV isn’t specific to the Gilmores. 55% of mums and their grown daughters who share an interest in shows say comedy is the best genre to connect overall. This proves that inherently gain our love of particular genres from our mothers.

The ultimate mother-daughter pair, Rory and Lorelai know the benefits of sharing show-inspired inside jokes and witty one-liners. Whether you and mum are die-hard fans or looking for your next binge together, Netflix is letting you send an invite for Date Night with Mum – no matter your current relationship status:

No matter what kind of mother-daughter relationship it is, Gilmore Girls has something for you.



The survey found that in Australia, almost equal portions of mother-daughter relationships fall into the following three groups:

  • 34% of respondents say they’re two peas in a pod, and are BFFs like Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.
  • 31% say they may be polar opposites like Lane and Mrs. Kim, but they just want what’s best for each other.
  • 35% know it can be complicated like Lorelai and Emily Gilmore, but they can’t imagine life without each other.


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