FANFORCE TV Brings Communities Together For Virtual Cinema Premieres

Film distributor and cinema-on-demand innovator, FanForce, today announced the launch of FanForce TV, a new streaming platform focused on driving the community-led viewing and discussion of films online.

Amidst the coronavirus crisis that has brought the film industry to a standstill, FanForce, the theatrical film distributor founded in Australia and now operating in 37 countries, brings the shared experience of the cinema to living rooms around the world via a pay-per-view model with live-streamed Q&As and live chat to enable global audiences to connect to discuss films with those in their community, as well as expert panelists.

“Community has always been at the heart of what we do at FanForce with our cinema-on-demand releases, but with the arrival of the coronavirus we were forced to reschedule over 250 cinema screenings with Q&As across 37 countries. So, we moved them online instead and rallied the directors and panelists to livestream their scheduled Q&As and take questions from the audience via live chat,” says FanForce founder Danny Lachevre. “We’re hoping it will bring together audiences in a more intimate way than traditional streaming and video-on-demand platforms, especially those who are really feeling the absence of the unique shared experience of going to the cinema to promote discussion and a sense of community.”

The platform has launched with a large number of films available including the 2020 Oscar winner Parasite, as well as Australian documentaries such as Maya Newell’s observational feature documentary following 10-yr-old Arrernte Aboriginal boy Dujuan, In My Blood it Runs; and Damon Gameau’s inspirational climate change doco, 2040. International filmmakers and distributors have also jumped on board the platform including Michal Kondrat’s docudrama, Love and Mercy from Sonovision in Poland and Fat Fiction from WideEye Films in Seattle, a film that questions decades of diet advice insisting that saturated fats are bad for us.

The platform’s features include Home Premieres, which allows organisations, schools and businesses to host their own screening and discussion after the film with their communities.

The platform also introduces a unique new feature to streaming called the Affiliate Program, where customers get paid cash and receive free views for recommending a film. Those who join the program receive a unique link to recommend a film or Home Premiere they like to their friends. If someone purchase a ticket via that link, the affiliate receives a cash reward.

All films and Home Premieres can be found at