‘Modern Family’ Season 7 Review


The now “bigger” Pritchett family returns for the seventh season of the long-term sitcom ‘Modern Family’, and once again they will struggle with every day problems including heartbreaks, retirement, career choices, parenting and family holidays.

modern-family-s7-2After seven years on air, ‘Modern Family’ still delivers a good amount of laughs and touching moments to its loyal audience, all thanks to the unique personalities of each character, as the stories lack the same creative impact that made the series the top one show for years.

Thus, the stories are a bit unoriginal, the witty jokes that make this show a success are still present, especially thanks to our favourite TV couple, Cam  (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson).

modern-family-s7-1As expected, the usual family chaos is what brings most of the highlights of this season, especially the failed strategies to avoid Lily’s soccer practice and Phill’s (Ty Burrell) obsession with the hatch of the duckings through the season.

Overall, ‘Modern Family season 7’ still manages to entertain, but is far from being as memorable as the first three seasons, with younger characters like Lily, trying to bring something new to the show, but with not much success.

The DVD extras include: Storming the set – The making of an Episode, deleted and alternate scenes, growing up Modern Family, Kids in the Spotlight and Gag Reel.

Season 7 of the Emmy Award winning comedy Modern Family is back with more laughs than ever before – own it on DVD August 31.