Land of the Giants Season 1 – DVD Review

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see a Tv hit classic: Irwin Allen’s ‘Land of the Giants’ on DVD.

land of the giants 1In 1993 the space ship Spindrift gets caught in a space storm on its way back to earth. The vessel is forced to land on a mysterious planet ruled by giants, forcing Captain Steve Burton and his crew and passengers to fight for survival.

‘Land of the Giants’ premiered in 1968, and it remains a cult classic to this very day, as the series was a game changer for an entire generation thanks to the superb special effects that were mind-blowing for the standards of the 60’s. land of the giants 2Moreover, the suspenseful plots and stories of the series were so carefully written that they still keep viewers glued to their seats even today.

Madman¬†is releasing a remastered DVD version of this classic, containing all 26 episodes of the first season as well as some impressive special features that fans may have never seen before. For instance there is the must-see pilot episode of the series, interviews, an Fx presentation reel and some old school US broadcasts, making this release a perfect gift ahead of this year’s Father’s Day.

‘Land of the Giants’¬†season 1 is now available from Madman.

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Get your copy here.