‘Ladies in Black’ – Review

Written by Malou.

On January 6th, we had the chance to attend the preview screening of ‘Ladies in Black’ at Sydney’s Lyric theatre.

Tim Finn’s hit musical is set in the late 1950s in Sydney. It centered on a young girl who have big dreams of finishing her education. Lisa (Sarah Morrison) is convincing her father to let her study in University of Sydney but her father believes that she should just be a typical woman in the 50s where they normally get married, stay home and care for the family. While she just completed her exams for her leaving certificate, she hopes that her father will change his mind when she gets good results.

Meanwhile, she got a job at ‘Goodes Department Store’ where she meets the different characters in the Ladies Cocktail Frocks Department. They includes Mrs. Jacobs (played by Trisha Noble), the long time worker in the store whom the staff never know her first name. Patty (played by Madeleine Jones), who is married but childless and is having problems with her husband due to him being very insecure and uncommunicative. Magda (played by Natalie Gamsu), the self confident and mysterious Hungarian immigrant, who becomes good friend with Lisa. She introduced her to her continental friends and Lisa felt at home for the first time among them. They share a passion in literature and dancing. Lastly, there is Fay (played by Ellen Simpson) who at her age is still looking for true love. Fay had an unfortunate past in the love department, but through Magda, she met her Hungarian love.

‘Ladies in Black’ brings us back in time where the roles of the women were focused more on her domestic responsibilities. Lisa, however, breaks the stereotype by convincing her father that she needs to go to the university and also by subliminally saying that she can make her own decisions by changing her name from Lesley to Lisa.

All in all, the actors, the music, the stage, the costumes and the story plot transported the audience to the era that was and we definitely enjoyed every moment of it!

‘Ladies in Black’ is a fantastic Aussie musical that you cannot miss! Watch out as it closes in Sydney on January 22nd.

For tickets and more information about the show visit www.sydneylyric.com.au