Gore & Justice Will Be Served – Eagleheart Season One DVD Review

Thanks to Madman, we had to the chance to see Adult Swim’s Eagleheart Season One on DVD.

eagleheart image 3Produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Productions, Eagleheart is a parody of shows like Walker Texas Ranger and follows a cold-blooded US Marshall, Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliott), alongside his partners, Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman) and Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer). The trio has one mission: to bring justice at any price (although some personal vendettas are taken care of along the way, causing them to face evil twins, mountain lions in the center of the earth and many more dangerous adventures).

eagleheart image 1Eagleheart is perhaps one of the most popular shows from Adult Swim, reason enough for its being renovated for another season. Each 15 minute episode of the series (12 in total for season one) includes so many elements, such as a ridiculous amount of gore, silly villains, random quotes and a lead anti-hero actor that shoots first and then shoots again, no matter what.

There is not much to say about the general plot of the show since, as with almost every Adult Swim show, the random events and silly dark jokes are the stars of the series, something that perhaps might be shocking for some first-time viewers.

eagleheart-dvdThe first season on DVD is packed with extras (and very good ones we must say). It not only features 20 commentary tracks, but also includes deleted scenes (some really did not deserve to be deleted), scenes from the never-aired pilot featuring Conan O’Brien himself, a Comic Con panel with members of the show, a sneak peek of  Season 2 and our personal favourite a “Kill Reel” featuring all the deaths in the season, fully packed with gore.

Watch the trailer here

Eagleheart is now available in Australia on DVD, and is a must own for all the Adult Swim fans, and lovers of B-Movies and gore; so please be aware that this show is not suitable for children. Get your copy here.