FMC Has A Whole New Look!

On Saturday 10th September, Movie Network Channels will unveil a new look FMC.  Australia’s first and only Family Movie Channel has undergone a transformation and all will be revealed this weekend.

Since the channel’s birth in November 2009, the unique FMC brand and inspired programming has carved a highly coveted position amongst subscription television channels. FMC has captured the prized family audience enjoying an unrivalled demographic profile connecting strongly with the under 12’s and 25-54 audience.

The exciting refresh will evolve the FMC brand, extending the channel to appeal to and engage a new audience segment, the elusive 12-17 year old teen market.

The new innovative and contemporary brand personality embraces all things fun – it’s adventurous, cheeky, and spontaneous and this will be reflected in all broadcast and marketing initiatives.

The timing of the refresh is pertinent in the lead up to the extraordinary series launch of Conspiracy 365 – the $13M prime time family action drama production adapted from the hit teen novel series of the same name. Commissioned and fully funded by Movie Network Channels the series is set to launch on FMC from January 2012.

On the eve of the FMC channel transition Peter Jenetsky, General Manager of Content Strategy & Marketing of Movie Network Channels says:

“We at Movie Network Channels are excited to see FMC develop as a channel brand and essentially take its first steps to navigating and broadening its appeal even further, to now be more inclusive of the teen
audience group.  The creative development and executions are distinctive and unique to the subscription television industry and were developed with our long-term creative partners, Tactic Creative Services, led by Megan Brown, Creative Director and Sam Hall, Executive Producer.”

FMC remains committed to showing ad-free movies and promoting a shared viewing experience with programming that the whole family can enjoy. Movie Network Channels introduced FMC in November 2009 after extensive research studies into new channel formats revealed a strong demand for a family friendly movie channel. FMC has since continued to deliver strong ratings, regularly achieving #1 status amongst movie channels.