‘Fargo’ Season 1 – DVD Review

Thanks to eOne Home Entertainment, we had the chance to enjoy the first season of the award-winning TV series Fargo on DVD.

fargo-still-1Based on the Coen Brothers’ iconic Academy Award-winning 1996 film of the same name, Fargo follows Minnesota insurance salesman, Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) whose annoying, complaining wife compares his career with that of his younger, more successful brother. When Lester is attacked by his high-school bully, who still stalks him, a small accident takes place, which sends Lester to the local hospital. It is there that he meets and shares his story with the mysterious Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton), who turns out to be a twisted, cold-blooded killer.

fargo-still-2Somehow, Lorne gets inside Lester’s mind. After discovering that his ‘bully’ has died suddenly in a strip club (under strange circumstances), the introverted salesman is moved to do the unthinkable: kill his wife. This moment of wrath places Lester in the middle of a criminal chain that even involves the death of the local police chief – something that will spur two local police officers on to finding out the truth behind the crimes.

fargo-dvdFargo is one of those shows that, despite being based on a film, surprises from the very first episode. Purists, critics, and die-hard fans of the film will absolutely immerse themselves in the show, thanks to its excellent dark humour, clever script, and an outstanding cast – Billy Bob Thornton is at his absolute best, alongside the always-fantastic Martin Freeman.

What could have been a disastrous TV adaptation turns out to be a success; it remains loyal to the original Coen Brothers cult-classic and features atmosphere and iconic elements that have been fan favourites for years. There are, however, many differences, including the introduction of some quirky new characters and plot twists, all of which are flawless.

The Home Entertainment release also includes audio commentaries in some episodes, deleted scenes and three featurettes that take us inside the world of Fargo.

Overall, Fargo is as triumphant as a silver screen release. It has become an all-new “true crime” story classic and is a must-see, before the highly anticipated second season premieres next year.

Fargo Season 1 is now available in Australia on DVD and Blu-ray