Extant Season 1 – DVD Review

Thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment we had the chance to see the first season of the sci-fi TV hit Extant on DVD.

extant image 1Extant follows astronaut scientist Molly Woods (Halle Berry) who, after a 13-month solo mission, returns to Earth to be with her husband, a technology genius who developed the first human-like robot, Ethan, who lives with them as their son. After a while, Molly starts to experience hallucinations involving her deceased ex-boyfriend, Markus, who also seems to appear in front of her in space, leading her to believe that she was space sick.

extant image 2The hallucinations continue, and after some medical checks, Woods’s life changes 100% upon discovering that she got pregnant while in space. This is impossible, as she was by herself the entire time and also because she was unable to conceive after having lost her first child in the accident that cost Markus his life (and which unleashed a series of events involving a Japanese entrepreneur who funded the space expeditions).

Imagine a TV show that combines elements from Alien, A.I., I,Robot, The X-Files, Gravity and Lost. That’s the best way to describe ‘Extant‘, a TV series that manages to include everything people love about science fiction and mix it to create one final, flawless product.

extantThe Steven Spielberg-produced show not only features an excellent cast, with award winner Halle Berry as the lead character, and young talent, Pierce Gagnon, as the robo-child Ethan, who definitely steals the spotlight in many episodes.

The DVD pack also includes a good amount of extra features, including a behind the scenes look, a gag reel and some interesting featurettes about the show.

Overall, Extant is an exciting and stressful ride, full of suspense and plot twists. Definitely a must own for sci-fi lovers!

Extant hits stores on DVD and Blu-ray on January 28, 2015.