New Exhibition, The List, Explores Youth Culture in Western Sydney

Whitney Houston once said ‘I believe that children are our future’ and whilst one would not condone her choices in later life, it seems that her opinion on the potential of children has resonated with Campbelltwon Arts Centre, as it has recently unveiled its major new exhibition, The List, that celebrates youth culture in Western Sydney.

Featuring twelve newly commissioned works that reveal the collaborative experiences shared between contemporary artists and young people in Campbelltown, and the wider Western Sydney area. The end result is an inspiring series of artworks that explore the hopes and fears, inspirations and concerns shared by young people in Sydney’s west.

The project was developed through a series of long-running artist residencies and young members of the Western Sydney community. The resulting works, drawing on shared experiences, give voice to the young people from the city’s west. The project offers a fresh new look into how contemporary practices can engage with young people, as well as a unique insight to the current social issues existing in the local community and that of a generation.


Leading artists taking part in this ambitious 6-month program and exhibition project include: Abdul Abdullah & Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Zanny Begg, Kate Blackmore, Shaun Gladwell, Michaela Gleave, Robin Hungerford, Uji Handoko Eko Saputro, George Tillanakis, Pilar Mata Dupont, Daniel McKewen, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Tom Polo.

From January to August 2014, the artists have been be working with a wide range of youth organisations to create the exciting series of works. By working with youth from varied backgrounds, these artists have been afforded a rare, and privileged, insight into issues facing youth in Western Sydney and a generation as a whole.

The works utilise all forms of art, from traditional to video, and are as diverse as the experiences of their subjects.

The List exhibition is open to the public 9 August – 12 October 2014 at Campbelltown Art Centre, open 10am – 4pm daily.