Boy Blond Wins @ Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Final

B-Boy Blond, representing Australia, took the throne at the Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Final Saturday, October 25. Held outside at Taipei’s National Palace Museum, one of the world’s top museum, hundreds of fans from all over Taiwan gathered to see the best of the region compete for the coveted last spot to battle at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Paris this coming November.

Host Elmo kept everyone on their toes in anticipation of the winner, watching one-on-one battles between some of the best B-Boy talent in the world, representing Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

This was the first time Blond competed at a Red Bull BC One Final. The world-famous breaker was born in Busan, Korea, but now lives in Sydney, Australia, where he is a leader in the local scene. “I feel I represent Australia this time since there was a cypher there, and I’ve been living there for nearly five years now,” Blond said after his victory. “Everyone was cheering for me from there, which means a lot to me. I’m Korean on the inside though, so I feel I have both flags on my shoulder.”

Judge Neguin said of Blond’s chances at the World Final, “I think that Blond is one of the ones who can make it. Red Bull BC One is all about the moment, but you have to be prepared physically. He’s ready physically and also very confident about it, so he has a really good chance to win.”