Absinthe Review: Spectacular and Hilarious

A Spectacular and Hilarious Touch of Sin City in Hyde Park

As soon as you enter the boozy, beautiful Spiegeltent in Hyde Park you know you’re in for something special.  Absinthe is a modern-day, grown-up version of going to the circus; it is a mixture of acrobatics, comedy and burlesque – but most of all it is outrageous fun!

Absinthe SpiegeltentCreated by Spiegelworld, Absinthe has been holding its own for the last four years alongside some of the world’s best entertainment, with its resident show outside of Caesars Palace on the famous Las Vegas strip; and this touring version lives up to all expectations.  Due to its intimate cabaret style setting even the very back row is only about ten metres from all the action.  With stained glass windows and beautiful lighting, the stunning century-old Belgian Spiegeltent looks like a classic old theatre which could have been there since the 1920’s – but what goes on inside is unlike any other theatre or circus experience.

ABSINTHE_Banquine 350The acrobatic acts are first class. There are two high flying aerial shows, human towers displaying unbelievable feats of human strength and balance, as well as a chair stacker that goes to the sheer tip of the big top.  While all the acrobatic acts are brilliant, a particular highlight is the horizontal bars duo ‘Los Dos Tacos’. These two Belarusian performers, hailed as being straight out of the Mexican quarter of Minsk, perform jaw-dropping flips and spins comparable to that of a Foosball table. The way the ‘two tacos’ throw themselves around the small, nine-foot centre stage is spectacular and certainly a little nerve racking for the people in the ring-side VIP section. But you can tell by their physiques that these guys really are trained professionals.

ABSINTHE_GreenFairy (blue) -¬SpiegelworldPunctuated between all the body and synovial joint-defying acrobatics is some very sexy burlesque and singing from Absinthe’s very provocative Green Fairy. There is certainly plenty of eye candy for all sexes and preferences, so even those people that say they don’t like circus acts will enjoy Absinthe.

One key difference with that other famous circus-style show is that the comedy segments actually do not slow down the show at all, on the contrary: in Absinthe these intermissions for the acrobatics provide hilarious fun.  The Master of Ceremonies known as The Gazillionaire and his assistant Abby Bobbins are a riot – but you may want to be careful of drawing their attention. The Gazillionaire, the Armenian owner and boss of the show, has an incredibly crude sense of humour and a foul mouth, but he provides some of the funniest stand-up comedy and audience interaction around – providing you are NOT easily offended!  Absinthe is most certainly for mature audiences, the show is very rude with plenty of expletives, sexual connotations and even a little nudity.

Another highlight of the 90 minute show has to be the Russian couple ‘Duo Adagio’ who come direct to Absinthe from Parramatta Leagues Club’s Cirque du Soleil production ‘Le Petite Merde’. The way the two interact with each other is incomparable, and without giving too much away this performance had the audience gasping for air.

Absinthe is a vaudeville mix of entertainment and sex that will have you cheering in amazement, laughing in stitches and putting tassels on your, well that’s up to you.

Absinthe will be under the Spiegeltent at Sydney’s Hyde Park until the 25th of October, performances run Tuesday through to Sunday.

Tickets are available from Ticketek: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=ABSINTHE15