Zero Latency VR brings free-roam virtual reality to Sydney

Zero Latency VR, the world’s largest Virtual Reality entertainment network, today announced its next free-roam Virtual Reality venue will open in Sydney on 1 December. This will be the sixth Zero Latency VR venue in Australia, joining the existing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and South Melbourne venues.

The fastest growing free-roam Virtual Reality experience allows players to explore digital worlds with up to seven friends in VR without being restricted by any wires.

The Zero Latency VR experience requires players to wear a VR headset, strap into a backpack, and use a controller to interact with the virtual world they’ve chosen by physically moving around the play space and communicating with their friends via built-in microphones and speakers.

Additional hygiene measures have been introduced for visitors, including controlled group numbers (a maximum of eight per session) and vigorous sanitisation and disinfection of VR headsets, backpacks, earphones, microphones and controllers before each session.

Visitors can expect a wide range of experiences at the new Sydney venue, from surviving a zombie apocalypse, escaping a stranded space station or heading into the world of Far Cry 3 (coming 2021). Children and adults will find a game perfect for them at Zero Latency VR these holidays, including:

  • Undead Arena (Recommended Ages 13+): A reality TV show set in the apocalypse about surviving a zombie horde.
  • Singularity (Recommended Ages 13+): A sci-fi adventure where players must work together to escape a stranded space station taken over by robots.
  • Far Cry VR (coming 2021): In a collaboration with Ubisoft, players will return to the world of Far Cry 3 as they do whatever it takes to escape from Vaas and his henchmen.

Customers can book tickets now for opening day on Tuesday 1 December, with prices at $59 (Tuesday – Thursday) and $69 (Friday – Sunday). To book, please visit