‘Watch_Dogs’ Game Review

Fans were finally rewarded on the 27th of May with the release of the Highly Anticipated game: Watch_Dogs! The epic hacker third person sandbox game has finally hits our screens with a bang!

Watch-Dogs-1Watch_Dogs follows Aiden Pearce in The Windy City, Chicago. Aiden is known to the public as the “Vigilante” trying to find his sister who has been kidnapped by old friend, new enemy Damien Brenks. Aiden will stop at nothing to save his sister!

The plot plays as if it were a television show from production companies like HBO, AMC or Showtime, with each act feeling like a new season in a high. It’s 40 hour story mode will make players desperate to know Aiden’s fate.

Graphics are definitely Next Gen quality but being promised full 1080p and 60fps, players will feel that this isn’t anything new especially comparing it to games like inFAMOUS: Second Son. However when it rains in the game, it’s true beauty is shown.

Ubisoft also Promising an additional Game Mode, when you purchase the season pass, where you play as T-Bone, another hacker in Chicago. It’s clear that Ubisoft are prepared for a long time to keep gamers gaming.

Watch-Dogs-2Fans will be comparing this game to the notorious Grand Theft Auto V, and it makes sense for them to do so. Watch_Dogs has so many features that the GTA series has held onto for years, but brings in it’s one new element: Hacking. Hacking in Watch_Dogs is incredibly fun and will never lose it’s touch. Unfortunately this feature doesn’t beat Rockstar’s masterpiece GTAV.

The mechanics in Watch_Dogs, especially when driving, will make fans extremely frustrated. This is a little issue, but in its massive city and spending majority of time in a vehicle, it can become quickly annoying.

Watch_Dogs is an amazing new sandbox game that definitely takes the genre “Sandbox” to a completely new level where your character can customise the game. Chicago is Limitless when Aiden Pearce can control everything from his phone at just a touch of a button. Fans will come back whether just to free roam in the city or to finish all the side missions.