‘UFC 3’ PS4 Review

There is no doubt Conor McGregor is one of the biggest and most charismatic athletes in recent years, from conquering title after title on the UFC ring to his boxing showcase against Floyd Mayweather. So, it was a no brainier for ES to use McGregor as the face of their new next gen release UFC 3, a game that for sure will make plenty fighting fans stocked to their controls for long hours.

Following what the game developers did with his recent FIFA and NFL releases, UFC 3 also included a career mode, in which players can create their own fighters or pick an existing one and hit rings as amateur fighters, gain social media followers and train until become the ultimate champion.

Gameplay, is not as hard as you could expect from a game based on a sport with so many ways to submits a rival, as most is done with the basic combinations. However, you can go deeper and learn some advanced ones that vary depending on the fighter you decide to use, as each one is 100% different from each other, so don’t expect Ronda Rousey doing aerial kicks, as her skill is more in the submissions due to her Judo expertise.

Graphics are impressive, and some of the fighters looks creepily real, especially McGregor and Demetrious Johnson. The arenas and even the crowds are well done. However, not all is perfect as the octagon girls faces look quite odd and quite ugly to be honest.

Another great feature, is that you can buy or unlock a special character: Bruce Lee…do we need to add more? How awesome is that!.

Overall, UFC 3 is here to stay, it delivers the most realistic experience for the sport so far and will challenge fighting fans to their limits, especially because like in real life, no battle is over until the bell rings and anyone can become a champion, even the underdog if you let your guard down.

UFC 3 is out now in Australia