‘Need for Speed Payback’ Review

EA has finally released Need for Speed Payback, and we had the chance to get our hands on the game before its official release.

Following its tradition, Need for Speed goes beyond the classic racing games, by delivering a full story in the arcade mode. This time players are behind the wheel to take down a clandestine gambling organisation called “The House”, and to do it, they have to play as 3 different racers: Tyler, Mac, and Jessica.

Gameplay is easy and very intuitive, while graphics are great but not as realistic as Grand Turismo Sport. However, the game’s biggest asset is its open world, as players are free to drive everywhere around a huge desert and also in the main city. Furthermore, there are plenty of mini-challenges in between, from destroying big billboards to getting snapped at high speed by speed cameras.

Obviously, police chaises are back, and the coolest thing is the capability of hearing the police radio communications from the PS4 controller, which gives players an extra boost of adrenaline.

Players also have the capability of customise their cars, not only from an engine point of view but also visually, as your car can look like a product of “Pimp my Ride” if you go crazy, and if you earn enough money racing around to purchase and unlock upgrades.

Overall, Need for Speed Payback is fun, highly addictive and feels like the video-game adaptation of the Fast and the furious series (minus The Rock re-directing torpedoes with one arm), and at least for us, wins the race against Gran Turismo Sports, as it gives players an extra reason to play: Take down the house Dominic Toretto style!

Need for Speed Payback is out now on PS4