‘Matterfall’ Game Review

Thanks to Playstation Australia we had the chance to play Housemarque’s Matterfall on PS4

In Matterfall, you’re a space soldier who needs to rescue survivors after Earth has succumbed to a weird source of energy matter coming out from crystals.

Matterfall is a mix of old school arcade games like Contra and Metal Slug with next-gen action titles like Dark Space with players engaged in constant combat, shooting enemies and upgrading their arsenal. Most of the action happens in a 2D display that at times changes putting the player in full 3D shooter mode. However, the problem with Matterfall is the lack of a proper plot and the exhausting repetitiveness of each level, with boring mechanical enemies, crystals to be avoided and annoying controls to  jump across barriers, as everything is an L1,L2,R1,R2, R3 combination that can’t be customise in the options panel.

Overall, Matterfall is hit and miss. It has some old-school charm, but lacks player engagement. Perhaps if you survive the first ten minutes of the same jumping and shooting, jumping and shooting, you might enjoy a game that perhaps should have been confined to mobile devices to allow players to burn some time during their daily commutes.

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Matterfall is now available on PS4