Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

“A truly addictive open world-story”

Horizon: Zero Dawn follows Aloy, a young girl who has lived as an outcast from her tribe her entire life. Under the care of her adopted parent Rost, she has learnt to survive in the wild, where dangerous robotic creatures rule as a reminder of fallen civilizations.

Players must follow Aloy’s journey, from childhood to adulthood, gaining experience by hunting animals, completing side missions, doing errands and destroying robotic creatures to obtain rare resources. These resource can be traded or used to craft weapons, making the structure of the game very similar to the Mass Effect saga. Dialogues branch and decisions must be made in ways that affect your progress.

The plot is clever, and the gameplay makes the player feel truly involved, as though they are creating their own movie in real time. This is accentuated by the game’s stunning graphics, great action and breathtaking landscapes.


All in all, developers Guerrilla Games (Kill Zone saga), have achieved what No Man’s Sky could not, by focusing in an open world that, while smaller, is full of challenges and a meaningful story. Horizon: Zero Dawn mixes old-school action RPG with next-gen polish. A solid release that will keep players glued to their consoles for hours.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is out now in Australia