‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Review

The Gran Turismo franchise has been the pioneer in racing games winning many fans over the years.

Now, With the release of GT Sports, expectations are higher than before, especially after seen the likes of Lewis Hamilton testing and giving some input for the game alongside game developer Kazunori Yamauchi. So what could go wrong?

Sadly, if you have a bad internet connection (like most Australians), you need to be willing to wait a lot for the game to install and download all the necessary updates in order to enjoy the full experience. To make matters worse, once the painful wait ends and the full game is ready to go, you will still need to be connected to play all the good modes the game has to offer, championships and campaigns included.

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It is true the graphics are stunning and the of the game is mind blowing, but the lack of offline freedom is enough to piss off gamers who otherwise are forced to play short and repetitive arcade game modes, test different cars at give it a go at manual transmission, which is amazing if you have a full driving wheel set for your console.

Overall, Gran Turismo Sport is a solid proof that even the best games can make mistakes, as they force gamers to be online to enjoy it. Maybe the developers should look back, and see the success of previous releases in non next-gen consoles. No wonder, old games like Driver and Need for Speed Most Wanted immediately come to mind.

Gran Turismo Sport is out now on PS4