FIFA 18 Review

Thanks to EA Sports we had the chance to play the most popular soccer game in the world, as FIFA 18 finally arrives on ps4.

Powered by Ronaldo, the new Fifa feels more like an update of last year’s Fifa 17, with improved graphics, celebrations and at moments hard to beat goalkeepers and additional training sessions.

The highly acclaimed Soccer RPG type of mode, The Journey, also returns, bigger and better, with players once again taking the role of England’s striker Alex Hunter, who begins to struggle at his current club (you can either pick a new one or continue where you left on Fifa 17), after being linked to Real Madrid, unleashing the anger of his English supporters.

During this new chapter of the Journey, you will be taken to play in the US league as part of the LA Galaxy, where you need to prove your skills in order to go back to the biggest leagues in the world.

Great new features include the capability of upgrade Alex’s look with tattoos, different haircuts and gear, as well as the chance to play as his sister Kim (yes he has a sister!) and as best mate Danny Williams in order to save his career.

Overall, FIFA 18 takes all good things about its predecessor and makes them even better, making this release the ultimate soccer game to date.

FIFA 18 is now available in Australia