‘FIFA 20’ Game Review

The king of soccer returns, with enhanced graphics and the brand new Volta mode.

FIFA 20, brings once again the magic of soccer to your next-gen consoles, with better graphics and small tweaks in the game-play, such as making the defending more complex, as now it’s mostly a manual work for the player. In addition, the set pieces have been revisited, with changes on how you aim and add spin to the ball.

Regular games and tournaments don’t feel much different, and still deliver good fun, and it’s unlikely to see a 0-0 draw, especially because the annoying VAR is also added into the mechanics.. However, many soccer fans will be very disappointed when searching for teams like Juventus, or south American giants Boca Juniors and Colo-Colo, as those teams have been dropped out of the game due to licensing issues, so if you wanted to play with CR7 wearing black and white stripes, you better stick with FiFA 19.

Ultimate Team, has been dividing fans, as now to create your fantasy squad, you can either use in-game money or real money, which has been a huge deal in other countries, where the game has been even classified as gambling. Still, if you are clever enough, and simply don’t spend real money, this mode will remain one of the all-time favourites for many years.

Unfortunately, the Journey has been the big casualty in FIFA 20, so if you were looking forward to see Alex Hunter and his best mate winning the world cup be ready for a huge blow, as this excellent game mode has been removed entirely in order to push “Volta”, which is pretty much a new version of FIFA Street.

Volta, is fun, fast and quite addictive, it enables teams of six or fewer players to do battle in small arenas based on real locations around the globe. Volta has some humour as well, which is something new and rare in a soccer game, all thanks to some silly celebrations, exclusive for this mode.

Overall, FIFA 20 fails to impress and Volta, despite being fun at first, becomes quite repetitive, plus the absence of “The Journey” makes the feel more like a small update of FIFA 19 than a release of its own.