Battlefield I Review

Experience WWI like never before

EA has finally released the new chapter of the Battlefield saga, a first person shooter game that will be remembered as one of the best in the genre.

battlefield-i-review1Battlefield I takes us back to World War I, which is flawlessly recreated with impressive graphics, and a lot of unpredictable moments; the ai finds different ways to get you, especially during the opening sequence in the field where there is no way of making it out alive.

The campaign mode delivers solid fun as players can see the war through the eyes of different soldiers in different locations. Gamers are able to serve in Gallipoli, or act as the mechanic of a British tank, among other roles. Every story is well written and delivers a good dose of action, desperation and drama.

Perhaps one of the most innovative sequences is when players have to control a pigeon that flies across the fields in order to deliver messages and call in air strikes.

The multiplayer experience has returned in full force, with modes like ‘capture the flag’ that are sure to deliver countless of hours of fun as you compete with other players from around the world.

Overall, this is a superb shooter, with a good script and game mechanics that made Battlefield I one a truly memorable experience. A must-own!

Battlefield I is now available in Australia