‘Unravel 2’ PS4 Review

Unravel 2 is a delightful treat from indie studio Coldwood Interactive and published by EA. The game is a sequel from the 2015 hit Unravel from the same Swedish developers.

Like the first game, you explore a new world as a little figure of yarn; but now linked with another. Which brings a whole new world of mechanics to the game. Like swinging, climbing and co-op.

Playing with a friend has its strong benefits by getting through the game quicker, but also not as challenging as playing by yourself and trying to figure out the individual roles of each character.

Going solo can be more fun, but at the cost of being time consuming, and switching characters back and forth can build frustration.

These complications add up over time, but then Unravel makes up for it with it’s beautiful graphics, sound design and incredible soundtrack that will calm anyone down.

Unravel 2 takes us back to an early stage of puzzle platform gaming that doesn’t get looked at enough. Which is probably for the best, because the games like this and Limbo wouldn’t get the love they deserve.

Unravel 2 is out now in Australia