‘Titanfall’ Game Review

If Second son was this month’s massive game for the PlayStation 4, Titanfall is defiantly the game that XBONE players have been waiting for. The online only game, meaning XB Live is required to play the Campaign mode, has definitely been the want for gamers since its announcement.

titanfall-1Titanfall is the first of its kind, being online only; and saying that its not a good thing. The game has an amazing multiplayer game and for FPS (First person shooter) it is exactly what players have been expecting from the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises.

Campaign mode is almost impossible to get a full team to play it which makes the mode virtually unplayable with gamers waiting up to 30 minutes for a match at times. Also taking away the ability to add private parties so players are forced to play with people they don’t know making team work impossible to play.

Adding “Titans” which are just massive fighting robots similar to seen in films like Avatar and Aliens (both Directed by James Cameron). Titans are just incredible to battle as, there is really nothing like this in online FPS and players will love their experiences playing as Titans.

titanfall-2For next generation the game doesn’t deliver much. It’s charging gamers $90 and doesn’t even deliver what most FPS do. The Campaign mode is a down right insult to serious gamers that play games before multiplayer modes. Even the Multiplayer mode lacks, for a game that is online only, it only offers 15 maps and for the price it is charging it should really be offering over 25 or more maps.

If you really want to purchasing the game, we suggest serious gamers to wait till the price drop to half price, or just purchase the game on Xbox 360 when that is available.

Titanfall is now available in Australia