Three brand new Discovery Apps coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.) today announced three new Discovery Apps exclusively available for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita). The trio of all-new apps showcase the full range of PS Vita’s innovative features including front touch screen and unique rear touch pad, 3G connectivity, front and rear cameras and much more. These all new apps are ideal for PS Vita owners looking for something a little different whilst gaming on-the-go.

The all new titles – Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments – will all be available free to download from PlayStation®Store in coming months.

In Travel Bug, players create and personalise their very own bug which is given a travel-based mission to complete. Your bug can take “travel snaps” on its journey and you can track its whereabouts on an interactive map. This innovative application also invites you to compete against friends to reach destinations first – all tracked via the “near” application.

Take on a divine role in Ecolibrium, an imaginative eco-system simulator where the aim is to maintain harmony within your own created environment. If the environment becomes unbalanced, species in your eco-system must be fed manually until you have restored balance and created the optimum environment for your animals and plants. Users can collect different species and trade them with other PS Vita users using “near”.

If you are feeling musical then give Imaginstruments a try. Imaginstruments is animaginary instrument’ application designed from the ground up around the myriad of PS Vita inputs. Players can play drums, guitar, theremin, and even the violin. Once each imaginstrument has been mastered players can record their tracks and share with other players.

3G enabled PS Vita owners should also be looking forward to the anticipated release of t@g, the graffiti-based app that combines creative expression, location-based gaming, AR and urban art discovery. Exclusive to 3G PS Vita; with t@g you can create your own graffiti t@gs to share and compete with other t@ggers. Plus use PS Vita’s 3G and GPS capabilities to discover t@gs wherever you are.

With all this free content joining an ever-growing roster of first and third-party games available exclusively for PS Vita on the PlayStation Store, there has never been a better time to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, anywhere, anytime, with PlayStation Vita.