The Last of Us: Left Behind – Review

“The Last of Us” is an incredibly captivating game that draws the player into its grip. The relationship with the characters, the graphics, the storyline and the voice acting among other features are perfect, making this game one of a kind and easily the best game that has ever existed.

So you could imagine as soon as they announced Left Behind as the first and last DLC for the game fans were in a place of pure excitement and sadness knowing this was the last edition to The Last of Us. Then the date came February 14th, ironically Valentines Day, giving this game a chance to show off its depth of story and beauty regarding development of fans favourite character.

the_last_of_us_left_behind_3Left Behind tells the tale of Ellie’s Relationship with Riley. Riley visits her in the middle of the night to hang out and run away from the military campus where Ellie lives. Typically as teenagers they “Wag” school for the day and go to the mall; a nice touch to the character before the Ellie everyone loves in “The Last of Us”. Without spoiling this game for the hardcore fans, it is a must play to explore Ellie’s life before ‘the cure’.

The game goes into elaborate detail and reminds the player they are no longer in Joel’s shoes, they are Ellie. A 14-year-old girl who is frightened and struggling to survive; her combat is poor and this is what makes it perfect, you feel her struggle and use more tactics such as stealth to kill clickers, suddenly you would rather avoid them instead of risking her life to kill them.

the_last_of_us_left_behind_1This is a perfect example of how a $22 DLC should be. It’s 2-3 hours long and has a story to match the original campaign. Left Behind is the film version of The Last of Us, its short campaign is long enough to play and experience the same feeling and concept of what “The Last of Us” achieves in only 2 hours. Left Behind will be a game that players will revisit without hesitation, as it exceptionally sums up to everything The Last of Us achieves.

Edited by Misslayt