The Last of Us development series ep. 3: ‘Death and Choices’

Naughty Dog took a look at the Infected in the first episode of The Last of Us Development series. They then explored the game world and nature’s reclamation of civilization as we know it in the second feature, Wasteland Beautiful. Naughty Dog have today released the third video in the series, Death and Choices, investigates what it means to be a survivor in the world of The Last of Us and how Joel and Ellie cope with the harsh realities of post-pandemic society.

Survival is moment to moment in the world of The Last of Us. There are stark consequences to every decision that’s made and if Joel and Ellie want to survive they’ll need to scavenge the environment for every possible advantage. Learning to craft more potent weapons from makeshift materials or take defensive precautions using found objects will be critical to their continued survival.

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The Last of Us will launch in stores across Australia on June 14, 2013. Only on PlayStation 3.