Spider-Man PS4 Review

One of Marvel’s most popular superheroes finally got the video game treatment he deserves as Spider-Man has hit PlayStation 4.

The game feels a little like the impressive Batman Arkham games, with a huge open city to explore using your spiderweb to slide across and swing between buildings. Players can also take on side quests and small challenges such as stopping arm robberies, finding kidnapping victims, freeing passengers from car crashes and (our favourite) stopping stolen cars in pure Spidey style.

You can also explore and take pictures of iconic landmarks that include some beloved Marvel locations like the Avengers tower and Wakanda’s embassy, among others.

The story of the game is simple, yet fun and it’s mostly an excuse to unleash some of the most popular villains such as Vulture and The Kingpin. Another great feature is that during the story you get to control other characters like Spidey’s alter ego Peter Parker and do some lab work and even sneak into a museum as Mary Jane.

Controls are a bit hard to get used to at first but after a while it’s all a walk in the Park especially because, like in many similar games, you can upgrade your skills and even get a wide range of cool Spider-Man suits, including the classic one, the Homecoming one, and even the Stark one, just to name a few.

Perhaps the only fault in the game is the repetitive stuff you have to do to gain experience points, especially if you decide to take down all the buildings where Fisk’s associates are, as you need to use all your ability to defeat all six waves of thugs every single time.

Graphics are obviously superb and the music is a fantastic tribute to the original films.

Overall, a solid release and definitely the best Spider-Man game yet!