SOCOM: Special Forces – Video Game Review

Get your weapons ready, and prepare yourself for being a team leader, because Sony brings this exclusive title for all the shooter fans.

“SOCOM: Special Forces” is the 4th of the SOCOM saga, which pioneered the online gaming on the PlayStation 2. The game has the most updated graphics for PS3, including new characters which will make one spends great amount of hours on a single player campaign. This is a very competitive online mode as it includes a good bomb squad, where you have to protect one of your team mates while deactivating a bomb.

The setting of “SOCOM: Special Forces” is set in the Far East, where a “Belic” problem is on-going. In an attempt to stop an evil leader, you have to play the role as the operative commander Cullen Gray with his two-man team. After few levels, two South Korean Special Forces will join Gray’s team after a failed mission.

Game missions mainly involve the following of waypoints through the jungle but killing all the enemies is not imperative. Moreover, you can also call an air strike to get rid of tanks and frigates, even choppers make appearances on the game. There’s one mission where you must find a rocket launcher and destroy it while it continues to shoot at you.

Another part of the game is to play stealth missions, where you play as “45”, a female Korean soldier who will need to infiltrate the area under the camouflage of the nightfall. These levels offer the gamers a break of the war, and it will remind them some bits of elements from Metal Gear and Splitter Cell.

The game has 14 levels on the single player campaign, levels where you have to fight command and order your team mates to take control of some spots and setting up ambushes just to name a few. In addition to this, the music of the game has similarities to the Rambo” soundtracks. It acts as a great compliment to the final product, which is a “war game”.

“SOCOM: Special Forces” is a third-person tactical shooter. It is a good alternative for gamers, which combines enough action and excitement with mixings strategy, bullets and really cool infiltration missions plus hours of fun playing online, with great compatibility for play station move.