Mario Kart 8 – Game Review

Possibly one of the most popular…maybe the MOST popular racing game of all time has returned! Mario Kart 8 has hit the underrated Nintendo Wii U, and what a return it has made!

mario-kart-8-image-1Fans of the Nintendo world over the weekend will be having an absolute blast with Mario Kart 8 from the morning of its launch. The game is incredibly hard to put down creating small wars between players in the multiplayer universe.

Nintendo reminds everyone that their console is the best for family and friendly fun. Especially having the Wii U Game Pad making split screen multiplayer a little bit more fun! Unfortunately you still have to share the screens either TV or on the Game Pad, but players can select what they want to see on it: The TV, map or just a standard horn button as well.

mario-kart-8-image-2The graphics in Mario Kart 8 are unbelievable! For a console that console that doesn’t run Blu Ray disc it is outstanding to see what it can do. The optical disc brings it power storing the game on it. With added racing features such as letting you drive walls or ceilings defying gravity, the game feels completely different and new, compare to the Mario Karts Before this.

The game is incredible, racing friends online, in the living room or even just on your own fans will never want to stop playing this game no matter the occasion. A definite purchase for family gamers, friend gamers, relationship gamers or just gamers. Even if players don’t own a Wii U, it’s worth purchasing a Wii U just for this game.