Knack – Video Game Review

knack 2Remember Crash Bandicoot, Croc, or Spyro? Those iconic PlayStation 1 games bring back many memories of our childhood. Memories full of game raging, of breaking controllers and throwing the disc in frustration that we couldn’t beat the boss of Crash Bandicoot: Doctor Neo CortexKnack brings back all these feels for the new generation of gaming

The graphics look as good as a Pixar film, with mechanics that play very well even when limited to not a lot of moves or combos – but that is expect from a game designed for children. Knack at some points gets so frustrating, taking on damage so easily, whereas gaining health or power ups takes forever, and when you die and you go back to the last checkpoint that was near the start of the level.

knack 3In the game Knack is trying to stop the goblins in a war between them and the humans, as that is happening you have to stop the “good-guy-who-was-a-bad-guy-the-whole-time” from getting too powerful with relics. The story line is solid but it goes for far too long, with a lot of chapters repeating itself to the point you ask “haven’t I already done this part?” but for the younger audience this is positive for skill developing.

The game brings back some fantastic nostalgic feelings of playing Crash and Croc, but doesn’t live up to their reputation. You will want to finish it, but not because it’s an interesting plot but so it ends. For kids this game is a perfect purchase with the console at launch. The Graphics play like an animated film and the mechanics run really well, but if you’re past the age of 12 you will get very bored very easily.