inFAMOUS: Second Son – Game Review

Truth be told PlayStation 4 fans have been waiting for this one. What they want from the game may be the issue.

Sucker Punch reprise their franchise of inFAMOUS with a new entry that acts as its own game, inFAMOUS: Second Son. Traditionally with inFAMOUS we have the choice of bad or good Karma. Not going with tradition; Deslin Rowe has the ability to change powers from Smoke to Neon and a couple more. This brings a variety of combat to each ability that players experience in the game

Second-Son-image1We follow the story of Deslin Rowe who finds out he is Conduit by getting the power of Smoke, which is essentially fire. His village is then attack by our antagonist Augustine who controls the power of Concrete, after attacking the villagers of Deslin’s area you discover you need to obtain the powers of Concrete in order to restore health to the villages. Doing so Deslin travels to Grunge capital Seattle to take down Augustine.

Second-Son-image3Seattle contains HUGE amount activities as well that both apply to your Karma: Breaking up protestors will build Bad Karma, whereas attacking Drug Dealers will build good Karma. Also there are some mini games such as the Graffiti Art mini-game that players will be Fascinated by.

The graphics firstly are Fantastic, the game looks absolutely amazing. Second Son is the offering Sony are giving their fans, and fans will be satisfied with what they get from Sucker Punch and delivering what “Next Gen” promises. Although players will notice that game lacks in its 2nd act of the game, missions just feel like filler for the big finale at the end of the game. Saying that it has some eventful bosses that will challenge players of all spectrum’s from Hardcore Gamers to Newbie Gamers.

Second-Son-image2Overall, the game can make older PlayStation fans happy, and also introduce new PlayStation owners to the world of PS4 giving them what they purchased the console for. Even though the 2nd Act does feel like its filler for the ending doing side missions and fixing up districts of Seattle between missions helps players feel like they’re not wasting their time.

inFAMOUS: Second Son is now available in Australia