How to Play Online Blackjack Like A Pro

With the release of the movie 21 back in 2008, the story of six MIT students who became masters of card counting was brought to life on the screen. While the dream to make millions playing blackjack may be slightly out of range, it is still possible to make some good cash by adopting a few basic strategies. For new players, playing blackjack online is a great place to start. When you play online, you can often play for much lower stakes than you can in person, giving you the chance to hone your skills without high losses.

When playing blackjack online, here are a few tips and tricks to help you take your game to the next level.

Choose a reputable casino
Before getting into the gameplay, it is essential to choose a reputable casino. Selecting the wrong casino can dramatically impact both your gameplay and the safety of your money. There are many online casinos, and unfortunately, not all are trustworthy. You want to pick a casino that is regulated and properly licensed so you can ensure the gameplay is fair, and you are guaranteed to have your winnings paid out. The easiest way to choose a reputable casino is through a site like They have already reviewed and rated the casinos on their list, so you know they are legit.

Use a “basic strategy” chart
Basic strategy began through a computer simulation that identified every possible card combination in blackjack. The simulation generated charts that contain the ideal actions based on your hand. Basic strategy will vary based on the playing conditions and whether you are playing a single deck or with multiple decks. Since you will be playing online, you can reference these blackjack basic strategy charts while you’re playing to determine the ideal action to take on each hand.

Say ‘no’ to insurance and side bets
In blackjack, a side bet is a wager that you place at the beginning of the round. You place it at the same time as your standard wager. While the additional potential for winnings may seem tempting, a side bet will instantly put you at a higher disadvantage. If you are fearful that you may lose the hand or want to reduce the house edge, you may consider insurance. It is another type of side bet which may give you a chance to receive a payout even if your hand does not win. Keyword: chance. You can opt to buy into insurance after the dealer has their cards. It is essentially just an additional way for the casino to make money and usually not worth it.

Pay attention to rule variations
Lastly, it is essential to note that each online casino may have slight rule variations. Even a small change in the rules may drastically affect your gameplay and the strategy you should use. The most common example is the number of decks each casino uses may be different. Some casinos may have the dealer hit on a soft 17, and another may require the dealer to stand. Check the online help section of your chosen casino and read through their specific rules to ensure you are fully aware of any variances before you start playing.