God of War PS4 Review

Kratos returns, bigger and better but this time not alone. The legendary God of War is now a father trying to live a simple life. However, after the death of his partner and the appearance of a mysterious figure with hidden mystical powers, Kratos decides to start a journey alongside his kid Atreus. This trip not only puts them in jeopardy but also strengthens their father-son relationship.

This new chapter of the God of War series amazes from beginning to end, with mind blowing graphics, fun gameplay and a strong story. It’s full of heart and really makes you part of the father-son journey. How much you care about the characters is perhaps the strongest part of a flawless game, and could be easily compared with what The Last of Us achieved by delivering something that is as much a cinematic spectacle as it is a game.

There are some hints of RPG gameplay as well, as Kratos can either go directly to his main objectives, skipping some smaller side-missions, as well as gain experience points and find artifacts to sell or trade to upgrade his or his son’s weapons, armour and abilities.

We could write pages and pages about this game, but we’d rather you have a go at joining Kratos on his journey yourself. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

God of War – Out Today on PS4