Games You Didn’t Know Were Made in NZ

New Zealand is only stretching legs when it comes to gaming. Yet, the country is quickly catching up on a multi-billion dollar industry and its own participation in it is already visible. While New Zealand doesn’t often get credit about the games it makes, this has not stepped some of the best local studio to create gaming worlds that achieve world fame.

The list of games that come from New Zealand isn’t that long, but the country has definitely created a handful of blockbusters that drive sales, achieve customer satisfaction and are some of the genre-defining titles of our times.

While you can explore many types of gaming, including online casinos available to NZ players, the video gaming industry remains perhaps the best choice of digital entertainment. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what some of the top games produced in New Zealand are.

Paths of Exile

After Diablo took a turn for the worst and anything beyond Diablo: Lord of Destruction proved a bit too much for the original team, the breakaways from Blizzard found recluse in Grinding Gear Games, a studio founded by Chris Wilson, and came together to work on Path of Exile, which is arguably one of the best hack ‘n slash RPGs of our time.

The game has 3 million active players which is an impressive number for an RPG. Such numbers are usually the preserve of MMORPGs, but Grinding Gear Games have made sure to pour their heart and soul in shaping one of the best games of our time.

Revenue has been growing exponentially with the 2019 figures hitting $203 million with the numbers for 2020 and 2021 still being processed. As an independent studio, the company focuses on development more so than development. This figured surpassed the total NZ developers hit in 2017.

For example, when Diablo launched its third chapter, there was a lot of internal strife to stay true to the original franchise, but that was quickly quashed by corporate interest. However, with Grinding Gear Games, the developers have found the liberty to act on what they consider to be good gaming practices.

Into the Dead

It’s the apocalypse and you better lock and load. This survival shooter has been developed by PikPok, another New Zealand game developer that has achieved recognition in the global gaming industry. Unlike Paths of Exile, Into the Dead is built exclusively for the mobile gaming market, which makes it quite popular.

The mobile gaming industry is already surpassing desktop and console solutions, and over 50% of all gamers worldwide prefer to play from handheld devices.

PikPok has successfully cashed in on this trend and Into the Dead is now getting a sequel, Into the Dead 2, which pits players versus the armies of the dead and invites them to make it through the night.

If you are a fan of zombies and enjoy the nerve-biting action that the apocalypse brings, then Into the Dead and its sequel are the best NZ games you can try today!

Rugby League

New Zealanders love rugby there are no two ways about it. The sports is a reason to be proud and it has naturally transferred to the digital world. Rugby League is the highly-successful rugby video game franchise that was developed by multiple studios throughout the years.

Just like EA’s FIFA and NBA2K, Rugby League has been around for decades now. The rugby video gaming franchise has achieved global recognition in places like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you love rugby, then you would probably want to check it out.

The Rugby League series are a unique piece of gaming and yes, the games are based in New Zealand and are some of the best sports simulators today.