FIFA 19 Review

The most popular soccer simulator is back, bigger and better! FIFA 19 has finally hit Australian shelves.

FIFA 19 has once again improved its graphics with iconic players such as Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Harry Keane and Arturo Vidal looking and behaving like their real-life models. The stadiums, crowds and even the coaches have also received makeovers in order to enhance the soccer experience even more.

Gameplay hasn’t changed much, but there are refinements. Goal Keepers have unique sets of skills, making scoring against them a little harder. There are no tricks or set distances from where it’s easier to score, as everything now depends on the player’s skills.

Kick Off is one of the biggest improvements, and the game includes new challenges such as disallowing head goals or disabling red cards, among other fun options.

FIFA’s biggest hit, The Journey, also returns, with Alex Hunter now playing for Real Madrid. The soccer RPG now also allows you to play different stories, with Alex’s sister and best mate joining you for the story.

Overall, a solid upgrade that players will enjoy… at least until FIFA 20 arrives next year!