FIFA 17 Review

The King of Soccer returns, bigger and better!

FIFA has been the game of choice for soccer fans worldwide, due to its realism. When you add the many online modes, from ‘multiplayer’ to ‘ultimate team’, you can expect months of gaming fun.

fifa-17-captureSo, what could EA do to improve such a fantastic game? Not much, to be honest, as the previous version was nearly perfect and totally addictive. There are some nice updates, however, such as the capability to move your player’s position on free kicks, powerful low shots, a new corner system that allows players to choose the direction to kick the ball and dummy throw-ins.

The graphics have been improved, and the key players, like a blonde Lionel Messi, Vidal, Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo, look extremely realistic. Moreover, the stadiums have fog and fire effects, and the supporters look unique and aren’t mere duplicates. The coaches are also back, so don’t be surprised if you see a very angry Jose Murinho on the sideline.

messi-fifa-17The newest addition to the FIFA franchise is the “Journey”, a mix of soccer and RPG in which gamers play the role of Hunter, a young man whose dream is to make it to the premiere league. Throughout the course of the journey, every decision matters and affects Hunter’s relationship with his coach and how many supporters he gathers (this depends on whether you decide to be humble or arrogant.)

Graphics in the Journey are great, with the actors and players recreated with motion capture. However, some scenarios feel too simple and parts of the story are a bit rushed. However, the Journey is a fresh idea that we can’t wait to see improved in the next FIFA releases. This mode is a bit like the game version of the film “Goal”.

Overall, a solid and very addictive soccer game worth having!

FIFA 17 is now available in Australia