‘Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie’ – DVD Review

Thanks to 20th Century Fox, we got the chance to see the family film ‘Walking With Dinosaurs: the Movie’ on DVD

The story begins when a young boy believes he has grow out of his interest and love with dinosaurs and when his uncle takes him and his sister on a trip to learn more about these extinct creatures, he is taken into the past to learn that each fossil has its unique piece of history attached.

Walking with dinosaurs 1
Which then follows the sub-story of the runt in the family Patchi (voiced by Justin Long) who tries to keep up with the rest of his family bravery, while they fight fires, carnivores and all sorts of these the wild natural environment throws their way.

Constantly having to migrate to another places to stay safe, it is here when he meets his new friend, Juniper (Tiya Sircar), who alongside Patchi, have to learn how to fend for themselves when they separated from the heard.

Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie film still

As we follow the seasons go by, and watch the herd go from south to north and north to south each year, we see the progress Pathci has on is journey from clumsy and naive runt to a young adult, which despite everything, remains the underdog as he watches Juniper, walk away with his brother who becomes the new leader of the herd, who becomes quite the dictator.

With Patchi’s heart broken, he as usual, follows the crowd rather subdued, not speaking up. It is then he discovers that his brother is leading the herd in the wrong direction, and into a path that is not safe for the herd. Patchi took it upon himself, to finally speak up and bring out the inner leader and hero that he always had with in him. Ultimately, directing the herd to safety and finally standing up to his brother.

Directors Barry Cook, who has worked on Mulan and Arthur Christmas, and Neil Nightingale (Meerkats: The Movie) work together to bring the visually stunning film to life as he creates lively dinosaurs taking the viewer back in time to learning more about these amazing creatures.

walking with dinosaurs 3

The story is narrated by John Leguizamo, who adds some much needed humour to the action filled movie but also adds an educational aspect to the film, as he helps the audiences understand the dynamics of these extinct creatures. In addition, it is hard not to fall in love with the main character Patchi, whose loyalty to his herd is admirable. Patchi, voiced by the loveable Justin Long, who perfectly executes the clumsiness of his character and makes it difficult not to empathise with his underdog persona.

In addition, on this heart warming family feature DVD and Blu Ray, some special extras for Dino lovers including, the Ultimate Dino Guide that shares the personal journey of our favourite dinos to and interactive map that follows the journey of the herd as they roam the land.

Overall, an awe-inspiring film that transports families from the lounge room to a prehistoric past where dinosaurs roam the earth.

‘Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie’ is out now on DVD and Blu Ray