The ultimate adventure in Ps3! – ‘UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception’ Review

Think the Tom Raider franchise and mix it up with Indiana Jones…it results in a masterpiece game full of action and adventures, as the third instalment for the Uncharted franchise, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, following its predecessor ‘Drake’s Fortune’  and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The story of the game follows Nathan Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan (“Sully” ) still looking for a mystical lost city, however expect the unexpected on this journey as the story line takes you all over the place, even back in time to Drake`s childhood showing us his first encounter with Sully.

The cinematic in this game, between different stages and in general, are amazing, with a story so addictive that you don`t notice when the game actually starts. You have to interact with clips by pressing buttons, in great scenes such as the opening one, which seems to be directly taken from the Indiana Jones films with all the right angles which put the player in an outstanding position.

The gameplay in third person is easy with a camera that follows the perfect cinematic angles when you play (you can change it if you want). Moreover,  the game keeps all the classic riddles in order to discover the treasures, or open doors, climbing walls, punching and shooting enemies, with the addition of some stealth areas where you have to kill your enemies or infiltrate it without being discovered, similar to the marvellous Metal gear Franchise, for all games to enjoy.

Another great feature of the game are the characters, because they look real, and the hero is a normal guy, who dies from big falls or after being shot, just like his enemies.

In terms of locations, the game will take you around the world, You’ll find yourself in all sorts of exotic places and ancient tombs.

On the other hand, Graphically Uncharted 3 is a work of art, maximising the potential of Ps3, with very detailed graphics, textures, reflections, etc. Furthermore, in some stages you can even walk around, outside the beaten track of the game, to find treasures or to see magnificent designs and art directions made by Naughty Dog.

The game also has a pretty standard multiplayer option and a Co-Op mode with two choices: regular co-op and adventure mode. The former is the classic mode, where you and a mate are playing in an enclosed map and must survive. The latter is our favourite which offers five multiplayer levels enabling you to work with your partners to succeed.

‘UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception’, is a magnificent game which shows us the reason why we love to grab our control and play videogames. A must play for sure, even if you are not familiar with the franchise, we guarantee you that after the first 5 min you won’t be able to switch your console off!