Sydney Running Festival this Sunday

    EVERY year, thousands of Sydneysiders give up their car and take to the streets for Blackmores annual Sydney Running Festival taking place Sunday 21st September.

    The festival is made up of a series of events across the city and against the backdrop of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks. The races are a global attraction for local and international runners, with the event being broadcast live on both Channel 10 and EuroSport Asia.

    Racers will be supporting over 37 official charities including the Shake It Up Foundation and Cerebral Palsy Alliance, whilst many participants will also be running for their own personal causes.

    Events on the day include:-

    • Balckmores Family Fun Run/Walk (approx 3.5km)
    • Blackmores Bridge Run (approx 9km)
    • Blackmores Half Marathon (21km)
    • Blackmores Sydney Marathon (42.2km)

    Recently it was announced that finishers of the races will receive their own piece of Olympic history, as the medal for completion will be adorned with the image of Australian running legend, Albie Tomas. Albie represented Australia in three Olympic games and two Commonwealth Games from 1956-1964, whilst he set world records in two and three mile races. In attendance on the day will be Albie’s daughter and grandson who will take part in the run.

    Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, daughter Robyn Whitaker discussed how her father, who passed away in October, would have been embarrassed by the honour. Regardless, she discussed how she and the family were looking forward to the festivities; “I’m going to enjoy myself with the family and soak up the atmosphere knowing that dad’s watching,” she said.

    In the last few months, The Blackmores Sydney Marathon was awarded a prestigious Silver label from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), officially recognising the event as a world leader in marathons.  In a move to attract more runners from all abilities, the arduous Marathon cut off time has been extended to six hours, giving runners of all abilities a chance to tackle this legendary race at their own pace.

    For those taking part in the events, Blackmores Head Coach, Michelle Bridges, has some tips for your hydration program that should be started a few days before Sunday to ensure you get the most out of event day.

    “The week before your event you want to focus largely on your nutrition and hydration to really hit peak condition,” advises Michelle.

    “Dehydration will hamper your performance on the day – make sure you hydrate this week and avoid alcohol and too much caffeine. The 48 hours before your run will be vital for hydrating your whole body.”

    Top five tips:

    • Consume 2lts of water/ fluids a day
    • Drink fluids with electrolytes as well as water
    • Start hydrating a few days before event day
    • Aim for urine with slight yellow tinge, almost clear
    • On the morning of the race, top up hydration with little sips of extra fluids

    Good luck to all those involved in Sunday’s event and for those not, ensure to check the travel reports before journeying out around the city as lengthy travel delays are expected! For more information go to