‘On The Spot’ – Zac Efron attends THE LUCKY ONE World Premiere in Sydney

Australia was the ‘Lucky’ country to have the honor of host the world premiere of Scott Hicks‘ new film ‘The Lucky One’, today April 9, 2012 at Event Cinemas Bondi Juction in Sydney, where one of the Hollywood hottest stars, heartthrob Zac Efron walked the red carpet unleashing the hysteria of all the fans around.

Fans, mostly teenagers, some of them from interstate, arrived early today to the venue, in order to get the best spots, filling entirely 2 levels of the cinema and even forcing organizers of the premiere to close some areas in order to keep everyone safe, something that worked perfectly.

By 5.30 pm, just minutes before Efron’s arrival the place was a complete madhouse, with screaming girls everywhere, some of them crying and others holding signs fully dedicated to their idol.

Local celebrities and guests started their arrival, and they were quickly rushed inside, because Zac Efron was about to make his entrance, something that not long before happened making the entire place going down, with fans going mad screaming, jumping and pushing everywhere.

Mr. Efron quickly came close to his fans in a sea of arms and cameras, signing as much autographs as possible and even doing some pictures for some very lucky fans around. After a first round of meeting fans, Zac Efron did some Tv interviews, while the director of the film, our very own Australian Oscar nominated director Scott Hicks, posed for some official pictures, before start running some interviews, where we had the chance to speak with him about the film and especially about working with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling (who was set to attend the premiere but unfortunately could not make it).

SR. Hi Scott, first of all congratulations for another successful film. Just wondering, as a director with all your experience in feature films and documentaries. How hard is to adapt a novel from a well-known author like Nicolas Sparks to a feature film?

Scott Hicks: “Well, all the merit comes from the screenplay. For me as a director, the story behind the film was the thing that absolutely grabbed me, while reading it I just could picture some scenes, especially the ones in the war where I even filmed at night with night vision cameras. So after Will (Fetters) finished with the script, we start working on the next steps. It`s just a fantastic story you know, with so much love and drama, that I really enjoyed to do”

You worked in the past with huge actors like Anthony Hopkins and Geoffrey Rush. How was this experience working with a younger cast including Zac and Taylor and how much freedom did you give to them while filming?

Scott Hicks: “Well, work with Zac and Taylor, was exactly the same as working with actors like the ones you mentioned. They are actors, and very talented ones, so It was just a pleasure to work with them. As a director I just gave them the freedom they needed to give their best performance, and I’m very proud of the results. Taylor is very talented and a really nice girl, I’m so upset she could not make it tonight as she would loved to be here and Zac is an actor that can adapt himself very well giving his 200% in every scene”

SR. How did you react when you heard Zac Efron was interested in play the role of Logan in the film?

Scott Hicks: “I was honored, and also was a relief, because I think the character fits him perfectly, and not only Zac, because Taylor also did an incredible job as Beth. You need great actors to give you a hand the whole time, and both of them delivered an amazing chemistry while filming and the result is out there now”

After this very cool interview with Mr. Hicks, we spotted some other local celebrities arriving, like Lincoln Lewis and his gorgeous girlfriend Rhiannon Fish. Both of them, as friendly as usual, stopped as much as possible for many fans around, posing for photos, and signing autographs until security told them to keep walking because Zac Efron was about to do his round of interviews.

We had the chance to quickly speak with Zac Efron as well, in a very complicated, but still successful interview as we could not hear very well to each other because of the hysterical screaming fans near us.

SR. Hi Zac, welcome back to Australia. Just wondering how was your personal experience working with a beloved director here in Australia, like Scott Hicks?

Zac Efron: “Scott was the main reason I picked the script, as I’m a huge fan of his work.

I always wanted to work with him, and happily for me we finally got to work together in this movie”



SR. Your career has been rising a lot, from High School Musical, to an animated film like The Lorax and now to this movie. What would you say has been your most rewarding project for you so far?

Zac Efron: “It’s hard to say, as every movie I’ve done helped me to grow up you know, so I keep good things from all of them. Perhaps, I could say this film is something a bit more challenging and personal, because I worked with one of my favourite directors”

SR. Just to finish, Avoiding spoilers, what is your favourite scene of the film?

Zac Efron: “I can’t pick up just one, as I think the film is great. I’ve some intense scenes with Taylor full of drama, that I really loved and also there are some very realistic parts of the movie while I’m in the middle of the war, where Scott captured all amazingly”

After this, Mr. Efron continued his round of interviews and posed for more pictures and did some last autographs for some lucky fans at the very end of the carpet before going inside the cinema to introduce the film alongside Scott Hicks.

Here enjoy some postcards of the venue below:

The Lucky One opens April 19