‘On The Spot’ – Supanova Brisbane 2011!

Last weekend the Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds were transformed into a magic land, because between November 4 and 6, one of the best event of the year, SUPANOVA POP CULTURE EXPO took over the place for the joy of all the Pop Culture lovers!

Supanova as usual had amazing guest stars to meet and greet the fans, including the beloved Christopher Lloyd from the Back to the Future movies, Hollywood star Val Kilmer (Batman Forever, Top Gun, Willow, The Doors), Colin Morgan (Merlin), Lord of The Ring’s Billy Boyd, Harry Potter‘s Evanna Lynch and
Georgina Leonidas, Julie Benz (No Ordinary Family, Dexter), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) and Renee O’ Connor (Xena) were some of the stars at the venue.

Obviously, none of the VIP Supa-Stars disappointed their fans, taking the time to sign autographs for hours with minor breaks, being Christopher Lloyd, Colin Morgan, Val Kilmer, Evanna Lynch and Billy Boyd the most demanded ones by the excited crowd, with Mr. Lloyd and Morgan even staying late at the venue in order to don`t leave any of their followers down (GOOD ON YA’ GUYS!)

We had the chance to have a very quick word with Val Kilmer while he was signing a photo for us, and we asked him about this new visit to Down Under, and he happily told us:
“Is great to be back and have a different thing to do, really love to be back. I remember been here filming Red Planet for a while, was a good experience”

Another Supa-Star who spoke to us was Billy Boyd, who plays Pipin in the Lord of The Ring’s trilogy. He was such a nice guy and he mentioned to us how much he was enjoying been at Supanova and meeting fans. Still he was sad, because after the event he needed to fly overseas immediately with no chance to stay in Oz a bit more.

With all those names, plus the unique activities and the chance of dress as your favourite character, it was not a surprise to see a full house every single day, with thousands of people walking around, including tons of fans from other cities (us included) enjoying the best of the Pop Culture, such as Q&A with the VIP stars, cosplay competitions, video games demonstrations, etc.

One memorable Q&A was the one with Harry Potter‘s Evanna Lynch and Georgina Leonidas, both of them very friendly and close to the potter fans. They even mentioned who were their favourite characters from the saga, being Snape for Georgina and Dumbledore and her own character Luna for Evanna

Supanova continues the next weekend in Melbourne on November 12, with an amazing especial venue with Christopher Lloyd and Val Kilmer and will resume in April (2012) with this amazing expo set to take over all the major cities next year including Gold Coast in April, Sydney and Perth in June.

Supanova is and will stay forever as one of favourites events every year, because the magic of the people and the guest is different in every city, making each venue always incredible and unique!

Here enjoy some pictures of the venue below:

We have to thanks to all the Supanova team for their hard job at the venue and  giving us the opportunity to cover once again this marvelous venue…Keep on with the good job guys!

For more information about Supanova just visit www.supanova.com.au