On The Spot – Reece Mastin Exclusive Interview

Thanks to Sony Music Australia, we had the chance to sit down for a very cool chat with an X-factor winner and very talented musician Reece Mastin, about his experience on the show, the influence on his music, his new single “Shut up & kiss me”, the upcoming album in September and more. Check the full interview below:

SR. First of all Reece, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, it`s always cool to meet a young talented musicians like yourself. The first question we would like to ask you is what would you say was the most rewarding experience from your time on the X factor show?

RM. Thanks guys, nice to meet you too. Hard question eh?…mmm I think the best thing was how many people we met there…for me it was when I met Alice Cooper, who is a huge huge rock God and a huge influence on me, so having the chance to meet that kind of people and having the chance to hear their experiences and what they have done in their career, that really drives you in the right direction, to do better in your career as well, so definitely that was the best of the best!

“…I met Alice Cooper, who is a huge huge rock God and a huge influence on me…”

SR. While on the show, and apart from the grand finale, what would you say was your favourite moment on the X factor Australia?

RM. The Rock week with Alice Cooper definitely, that was my favourite week when I sang “Dream On” and I think that was my best performance ever during the show as well.

SR. Speaking about Alice Cooper and general music influences. Currently many musicians coming from talent shows are collaborating with huge artist. For Example Adam Lambert jumped on stage with Queen and he is rumoured to go on tour with them. I wonder what would be your dream music collaboration?

RM. Definitely with Aerosmith or with Steven Tyler, they are my idols and just thinking on that makes me think how awesome it will be.

SR. Speaking about your first hit single “Good Night”, did you expect to blow the Arias Chart with that song?

RM. Not really, it was never kind of like that with the show to be honest, it was a bit mind-blowing a big of a shock you know, but it made me keep going so it was a pretty good start don`t you think.

SR. How would you say the transition from Good Night to your new single Shut up and Kiss me has been?…Do you feel a change in you as an artist?

RM. It’s definitely moving towards to the rock and more edgy stuff, which is what I wanna do. I think it is s a good transition, it is not like in your face Rock or too Poppy, its kinda fun and dance, I don`t wanna stay too close to one thing or too far from rock, so I think its a really good blending.

SR. Onto Australian music now. How do you feel when you see bands like Jet and Short Stack breaking up?

RM. Emmm…I think its obviously harder with bands to keep going, because there is more than one person involved. But, for example I just saw Cold Chiesel in their reunion and they were amazing, so it`s like bands always come back and singers are always doing their own stuff, so you never really quit from music, you just can`t say no to that. People will come back for sure!

“…I just saw Cold Chiesel in their reunion and they were amazing…”

SR. After the X Factor and now being a solo artist with a great future. How do you react nowadays when you go out and tons of fans running up to you on the street?

RM. Yeah, it’s pretty nuts, but for example at Tropfest many fans came after me before and after, because my single came out on the screen so it was pretty funny and many people stood up. So it is cool but it is weird to have so many people knowing you and wanting a photo with you, but we know this comes with the job.

SR. Back to your new album. Do you have a favourite song on it? What can fans expect from your new work?

RM. I think the album is way more like ROCK, is really really rocking and the elements on the album are like all the classic rock albums with those very strong sounds and also with those classic fun hardstream tracks. Yeah, so its very all over the place exploring a bit of everything, so for me personally it is hard to pick up a favourite song in particular from it.

“…I think the album is way more like ROCK…”

SR. Will there be a tour to promote the album?

RM. Yeah, there will be a tour to promote the new album, so I`m dropping the album out in September, so after that there will definitely be a tour in Australia and New Zealand again…and then maybe trying to continue the tour overseas if we can.

SR. Speaking about that, how do you see your development as an artist outside of Australia and New Zealand? Is there any country in particular you would like to get into?

RM. Obviously the UK, because I`m from there, but I think obviously the USA would be amazing as well, because these are the big 2, and plus Australia are the big markets, so we have to branch it out. I think UK will be first. After this upcoming tour, we`ll see what happens.

SR. We just got a question from a fan on Twitter, asking us about the meaning of your tattoo on your left arm, which is a microphone.

RM. It symbolizes my career, because the first thing I wanted to do in my life was to sing, so I think it is a good way to represent that.

SR. And in regards to your career and your background as an artist, where does this passion for music come from?

RM. Well my family always supported me, when I came up with this crazy idea, but none of them are musicians. It was just one day I just picked up a guitar and I started playing and I loved it, and since then I never stopped you know.

SR. Are you still in touch with people from The X Factor?

RM. I`m trying to keep in contact with everyone there, but it is kind of hard outside the show because there are too much going on. I think I just started talking with Johnny again, because we have both been working. Still I tried to be in contact with as many as I can.

SR. With your experience, what do you think about the new talent shows out now like “The Voice”?

RM. It’s good. I really think it is a new way to make it into the business, and it shows to everyone that there are very good artists around Australia looking for a chance.

SR. What was the last concert that you went to which blew your mind?

RM. Well, I went to Cold Chiesel the other night and it was just amazing and Jimmy (Barnes) is one of my mates, so I enjoy it even more. It was such an awesome show.

SR. About your involvement on the lyrics in your songs, we know you write a lot. Can you tell us more about that process?

RM. I wrote 100% of the album, so I got to write everything. I`ve been writing since I was 12 years old. Lyrics are extremely important to me, so I put 100% into the lyrics, because I can tell stories there, so I love to write Lyrics…it is one of my favorite things to do.

“…I`ve been writing since I was 12 years old. Lyrics are extremely important to me

SR. And where do those stories come from…Personal experiences perhaps?

RM. Yeah personal experiences are always there, but they can come from anything. For example from something that never happened to me but happened to somebody else and vice versa, so it can be anything or you can just make it up if you want to as far as you feel it works well in a song.

SR. Recently, we saw the shocking news of Men at Work’s Greg Ham passing away. As a musician how do you feel about that, especially as he left us an iconic song like “Land Down Under” as a legacy that put him in the middle of a war about plagiarism accusations?

RM. It’s always hard for a musician. Because being a musician doesn’t mean you have a family next to you or friends the entire time supporting you. What happened to him, is something that could happen to anyone else you know. I think you cannot judge anyone at all until you have a 100% of the facts, because there are always too many things you heard on the media that are false you know, because the truth is always the most important thing…My thoughts are with his family and friends in this hard time.

Hanging out with Reece Mastin during our Interview

SR. Continuing with Australian musicians. Are there any Aussie rockers you haven`t met which you would love to meet and perhaps work with?

RM. I like Wolfmother a lot, I know they are kind of breaking up a bit but it would be cool to collaborate with them…I remember watching them live a couple of times and they were great. And ACDC obviously, which will be amazing, those would be my big 2.

SR. Well Wolfmother joined the line up of Splendour in the Grass, that could be your chance to meet them. Are you planning to go there?

RM. I would love to, but I think I`ll have a show at that time so I`m not sure. I would love to go.

SR. Ok Mate, Just to finish up. You mentioned you are more into Rock, but nowadays we have seen many kinds of weird mixes from artists. For example Kesha jumped on stage with Alice Cooper and Taylor Momsen played with Marylin Manson. If you were in a situation you could pick a pop star to work with, who would you choose?

RM. WOW, hard one…well a contribution like that could work sometimes you know. If I could work with somebody like that, I would like to work with Avril Lavigne or somebody like that. Yeah, Im on for collaborations and that sort of stuff.

SR. Thanks a lot for your time and we wish you all the best in the future…Looking forward to your new album!

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