‘On the Spot’ – ‘Johnny English Reborn’ World Premiere in Sydney


The world Premiere of ‘Johnny English Reborn’ was held at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter (Fox Studios) today September 4, 2011. Attending the carpet were the main stars of the film: Rowan Atkinson, Gillian Anderson, Rosamund Pike and joined by the director, Oliver Parker and producer Chris Clark.

The venue was perfectly organized. It was a great venue for the stars to greet the fans and entire families to celebrate the premiere and Father’s day at the same time, with an amazing group of Shaolin monks warming up the red carpet. They performed amazing stunts with swords and chains to the delight of everyone there. Add to this is a small group of magicians dressed as security guards who impressed the attendants with tricks, stealing watches and guessing cards.

Around 14:15 the main arrivals started, making everyone excited. The first to arrive was director Oliver Parker (Dorian Gray), and Producer Chris Clark. Both of them walked to the main stage and had a short chat/greeting and inviting everyone to see the film.

After them, Bond girl Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day) arrived greeting some fans only on one side of the red carpet unfortunately. However, she was lovely to everyone who approached her.

A couple of minutes later, X-files superstar Gillian Anderson made her arrival at the red carpet looking simply stunning in a brown gown. She spent some time on the stage where she spoke about her experience on the film and how happy she was to feel the love of her Australian fans. Moreover, X-files fans were there in the front row to support her; even some of them came from different cities, just to get close to their idol.

Gillian’s fans screamed and went crazy for her; they even had a special sign made for her. Gillian was great with all the fans around the carpet; she did photos and signed everything for everyone, had a little chat with her fans all the way to the cinema not paying attention to the people trying to rush her to the media area (Good on ya’ Gillian!).

While Gillian was still signing and posing for photos, the big moment of the venue started, because Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean/Johnny English himself did an amazing entrance, driving the exclusive Rolls Royce prototype from the movie surrounded by a British convoy even with mounted guards. He had a small talk on the stage, where he drew a raffle ticket giving an entire family a chance to walk the carpet and see the film. After that, he posed for photos with his fans, and signed autographs as well, making everyone happy. However, there was a great disappointment because he wasn`t very talkative with anyone and he was in a rushed in order to go to the media spot.

The ‘Johnny English Reborn’ world premiere had a great set-up. You could truly see how much effort Universal put on this venue, in order to give the audience an unforgettable event on this Father’s Day, giving away raffle tickets for the Premiere, t-shirts, small Aussie-Johnny English flags and of course giving everyone a great entertainment.

Inside the cinema the entire cast presented the movie and the lucky attendants got free pop corn, drinks and even a gift bag! The director Oliver Parker mentioned that the key to this film was give Rowan all the possible freedom in order to let him do what he does best. Gillian and Rosamund were fantastic and charming, talking about their roles on the film and how hard it was to stay serious, while acting with Rowan.

Finally Rowan Atkinson gave a short and serious speech, talking about the honor of having the chance to film it in front of Buckingham palace, even closing street which rarely happens except for royal function, truly an opportunity that not everyone gets.

Anyway, we think words are not enough to describe the event, so check some postcards of the venue below:

A fantastic premiere to be remembered!