On The Spot – EXCLUSIVE Photos from THE WOLVERINE set

On 3 August 2012, we had the chance to visit the set of The Wolverine during filming in the beautiful town of Picton in Country NSW, almost two hours from Sydney.

On location, we saw how part of a street was completely transformed into Canadian style with snow, police cars and a hardware store named Faro, where most of the action takes place. Director James Mangold was behind the camera while Hugh Jackman was walking around sporting a long hair and beard.

Some scenes we saw included a truck and the hardware store during daylight. After a break, the crew prepared some night shots for action happening in a tiny alley nearby where we can hear Hugh screaming as huge spotlight was cast from a crane illuminating the alley and fake rain falls in the shot.

Hugh Jackman left the set late in full costume so he was not able to stop for almost 400 fans waiting for him. Still, he pulled his window down to shake hands and thanked all the locals for letting him film there. Moreover, we were told that during an earlier break, Mr. Jackman was as nice as usual, taking some time to talk to the fans, signing autographs and explained that he was not allowed to pose for photos in costumes.

In addition, an insider revealed that one of the scenes Hugh Jackman did, despite the low temperature, was a dramatic shot in cold rain at a small alley (That explains Wolverine’s iconic scream which we heard) which may be the beginning of the film, before Wolverine travels to Japan to learn the Samurai’s way.

The Wolverine will continue filming in some secret locations around Sydney in the next few weeks and will also include 3 weeks of shooting in Japan. Here enjoy some exclusive photos from the set below:


The Wolverine opens 25 July 2013