‘On The Spot’ – ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ Sydney Premiere with special guest Steve Carell

The Sydney premiere for Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa’s ‘Crazy,Stupid, Love’ was held last Wednesday September 14th at Event Cinemas- Bondi Junction.

The small red carpet welcomed a bunch of excited fans, lining up to meet funny man Steve Carell and the directors of the film Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Around 6.30 pm the moment everyone was waiting for happened, with Carell himself walking the red carpet and literally, meeting and greeting every single fan there, doing photos and autographs for all.

Spotlight Report had the chance to interview the directors regarding their experiences working with 2 different comedians, such as Jim Carrey in ‘I Love you Phillip Morris’ and Steve Carell in ‘Crazy,Stupid, Love’ and they told us:

“Both of them are very talented actors, Jim is such an expressive one and Steve is a man who knows how to do their work well with a different style. When you work with people like them, you have to let them act and do what they do best, not restricting their capabilities”

In addition we asked them how much of improvisations the actors did during the production:

“We had such a fun time there, maybe too much fun, sometimes we could not stop laughing, Ryan (Gosling) and Steve, as well as the entire casts had such a good Chemistry between each other, and when you work with people like them, you know they will go out of the script a bit, making it even better, especially with Steve, who is also a great dramatic actor as well as a comedian”

Spotlight Report and Steve Carell

Later on it was our opportunity to speak with the man himself, Steve Carell, who was extremely friendly and talkative to us. We had only time for one question, so we asked him about how a comedian like him handled a role in a comedy like ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’, which is also a drama and he happily told us:

“Well, first of all you, you have to have a great team working with you, and you have to be mentally prepared. There is a lot of improvisation in this kind of role, where you depend from the other actors. We’d a great teamwork with Julian (Moore) and Ryan (Gosling), and they made me feel very comfortable every minute. Also Glenn and John (The Directors) gave me the freedom and the space to work on the character in my way, and I`m very happy with the results. In this film you will laugh, and also, will feel sorry for some of the characters, especially for me”

We also asked him off the record if there is any update regarding a potential sequel of Get Smart and he just smiled and say to us: “KAOS is still around there”

After that, we were lucky enough to get to the screening of the film, the stars of the night greeted everyone and thanked them for being there, and how much they love the Australian people.  Steve even joked and anticipated some scenes in the film with Ryan Gosling getting rid of his t-shirt.

Other celebrities walking the red carpet were, “Underbelly: Razor” star Anna McGahan, David Jones-Roberts and girlfriend Holly Kagis, Annalise Braakensiek, Rob Mills, Harry Cook, Barry Southgate and the host of the venue, Peter Helliar.

Here enjoy some postcards of the venue below:

The film was so much fun with great performances of the entire cast and of course we will write a review soon for that.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” hits cinemas across Australia on September 29.