‘On The Spot’ – Alice Cooper: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” tour live in Sydney

Last Monday, September 26 the iconic Enmore theatre in Sydney was the hot spot for the best trash metal, because Rock God Alice Cooper performed his best hits as part of his “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Aussie tour in a full house venue.

The party was in full swing, with tons of Copper fans hanging out around The Enmore, with local bars full of rockers, most of them with the iconic make up, shirts, hats, etc. Moreover, entire families were there, even with kids on their dad`s shoulders, joining the celebration.

Local band Syndicate opened the venue, giving the crowd a great warm up before the main act. The  highlight of their performance was the song  “we all die young”, from the soundtrack of the movie “Rockstar”.

Around 21:00 was the moment everyone was waiting for, the lights went off and the rock and all the creatures of the night arrived, because Alice Cooper hit the stage, wearing a cool spider style outfit and opening with “The Black Widow”, followed by “Brutal Planet” and “I’m Eighteen”.

Cooper has such a strong presence on stage, changing outfit almost for every song, and making his gig a complete play, using swords, throwing bills in “Billion Dollar Babies”, fighting with reporters, cutting his head with a massive guillotine and talking with a big doll in “only women bleed”. This time he also brought on stage a massive puppet character with his face, similar to what Iron Maiden does with their iconic pet “Eddie”. As expected the biggest moments of the night were when “No More Mr. nice Guy”, “Poison” and the all time favorite “School’s out” were performed, with the entire crowd singing every single word.

The rest of the band was amazing, every single one full of energy, strong drumming, amazing riffs, solos and so much chemistry on stage among all of them. Obviously, many of the eyes were on our fair dinukm rock star Orianthi, who represented the Aussie rockers in a great way, performing next to one of the greatest rock living legends.

The performance of “School’s out” was followed by a small encore, which made the crowd ask for more songs, and Cooper did not disappointed his fans, coming back on stage to perform “Elected”,  and even getting rid of his jacket to show everyone what he was wearing  and Aussie Rugby Jersey making the entire place went down, creating a perfect ending for the event .

The gig was a celebration of rock, a tribute for a living legend and a master class for many “I wanna be rock stars” that sadly for us, nowadays are everywhere.

Thanks Alice Cooper for coming to Oz and giving as an amazing show, dismissing all the issues with Soundwave Revolution. We look forward to your next visit!

Here enjoy some *pictures of the venue directly from the mosh pit:

*Fan photos for illustration purposes only. No commercial gain.