‘Love Tyrant’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to Madman we saw the supernatural romantic comedy ‘Love Tyrant’ (Renai Boukun) on high quality Blu-ray which originally aired in Japan in 2017.

One day Seiji is approached by an angel named Guri who is in possession of ‘The Kiss Note’, a notebook that can make people fall in love when their names are written in it and they’ve kissed. Guri advices Seiji that if he doesn’t kiss anyone he will die as his name is in the notebook. Seiji chooses his long time crush the popular Akane (who happens to be obsessed with him). In an instant, Guri makes Seiji and Akane a couple and adds herself into the mix (Guri is also interested in Seiji). Later on she adds Yuzu, Akane’s half-sister, who is in love with her.

‘Love Tyrant’ is an anime that doesn’t make sense at all – and that’s exactly what makes it so funny! Each character is a classic stereotyped: Guri is irresponsible and careless, Akane seems sweet on the outside but is extremely violent and Yuzu is the classy innocent rich little sister. Seiji on the other hand is very down-to-earth but his caring nature wins the girl’s hearts.

The humour is probably the best part of the series. It has some hilarious references to anime like ‘Death Note’ and to famous blockbusters like ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Chucky’ and ‘Saw’.

The animation is quite sloppy with lots of 2D faces and pout faces that are funny at the beginning but then become too much. The backgrounds are nothing special. It’s worth mentioning that there is some ecchi and fanservice.

The plot is non-existent as the series is mostly nonsense but there is a bit of character development and some decent background stories. Sadly it rushes through the last few episodes trying to include a storyline introducing the sadistic Shikimi and Guri as a fallen angel.

Overall, ‘Love Tyrant’ triumphs as a comedy with its wacky characters making up the weirdest four-way harem. Get your copy here.