Live Review: The Struts @ The Factory, Sydney 2019

The Struts Live Show, Blew Sydney’s Socks Off!

The night kicked off in high spirits with the support act J3, playing acoustic covers of banger hits like Benny & The Jets, Smile Like You Mean It, and Purple Rain to name a few.

This got the crowd pumping and singing along to every tune, not that The Struts needed a warm up act, as when they hit the stage, they came on bursting with energy, belting out their tune, Primadoona Like Me. Needless to say, the crowd was instantly hooked. Each tune knocked out after that kept getting bigger in sound and better in performance.

Front man Luke Spiller not only looks like a rock star, with his dazzling tasseled silver jacket and other various, yet fabulous wardrobe changes, but also performs like one too. He’s a mix of Freddy Mercury, Mick Jagger and The Darkness all in one. He commands the audience every step of the way, whether that be with his tremendous vocal abilities, his charisma, or his physicality, either way, he has the crowd in the palm of his hand. To ask the audience to kneel down and not have one reluctant person in the crowd mosey about, speaks volumes to his showmanship. In this day and age of comfort and laziness, most performers have trouble getting their hard-core fans moving about, however to Luke Spiller this is an effortless task.

The whole room never let up singing, cheering, dancing or applauding. The crowd was utterly mesmerized by the sweat, spit, cat purring, and screams. But not all credit can go to Luke Spiller. The rest of the band brought a powerhouse of noise with them too. Gethin Davies was thunderous on drums, Jed Elliot bounced off the walls on bass, and Adam Slack’s guitar roared.

The night was buzzing and the enjoyment levels were past boiling point. The Struts are definitely an act to see live, even if you think they’re not up your alley, they sure enough will be when you see them.

Photo Credit Simon Pearce